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Dr. Wolfgang R. Auer,MSc

Curriculum Vitæ :

DrAuerPortrait Foto-300x225 in Dr. Wolfgang R. Auer,MSc

Personal information: Dr. Wolfgang R. Auer, MSc  8820 Neumarkt,
Wienerstraße 16


1988: Dr. Auer earned his doctorate at the Karl-Franzens university
in Graz as doctor of medicine.

1992:  Opened his practise in Neumarkt Styria. Along with an education in
psychotherapy Dr Auer busied himself with natural healing elements
and earned numerous qualifications in this area.

2008: Earned his Master of Science degree in Geriatrics, he also
earned certifications in Sports medicine, emergency medicine,
environmental medicine, nutritional medicine, Palliative medicine,
Neural therapy, hospital hygiene.

Since 1995 he has been the authority in complimentary medicine. Dr. Auer
attained the concession for wholesale pharmaceuticals in Wien.

2008: Began the research on natural remedies. The goal – natural
supplements without side effects, but with a better research basis.
Many international studies show the optimal effects of natural remedies.
  The following substances were brought to market:

Arthrovital®, Rheumatic and joint supplement

Coccinia D® Natural help for diabetes

Exadipin® Natural help for weight loss. the minerals come from India
and only the highest quality products are used in Austria, tested and certified.
The complete process from planting, picking and extracting are carefully
Many aid programs have been setup and supported by Dr. Auer in
India and Bangladesh.

International publications:

Acidity – the silent danger, Kneipp Verlag, BRD

The acid danger Ishikova verlag, RSA

The acid danger, Norman Goldfind, USA

Der Übersäuerungsratgeber,


Dorn breuss, 1. Auflage, Kneipp Verlag

Dorn breuss, 2. Auflage, Kneipp Verlag

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